The Full Slate Project: Veronica Coleman wins unassembled caucus to represent Democrats in District 84 Virginia House of Delegates race.

Democrat Veronica Coleman wins Democratic unassembled caucus to represent District 84 in this falls House of Delegates campaign. The seat is currently held by Republican Glenn Davis. He ran uncontested last cycle. In 2015 Davis drew 6,810 votes in that uncontested race. It is great to see a Democrat run in this district. It is ripe for the picking.


Residents = 80,010
Active Registered Voters = 46,720
Percent Registered = 58%
Total Vote in Last Race = 7,268
Participation Rate = 16%
Total Vote for Republican last Race = 6,810
Total Vote for Democrat last Race = 0
Total Vote Other = 476
Localities = Virginia Beach City
District 84 is made up of 17 precincts in the Virginia Beach City locality. It is probably a heavy military area just off the Norfolk area.

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